Shenango River

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Fallen Tree Just Before Riverside Park

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Our Trip Down The Shenango River

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Eagle on the Shenango River

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Kayaking The Shenango River

I took a float yesterday from the Pymatuning Dam to Riverside Park. The water was a little high and fast in a few places. A little over half way there was a fresh downed tree that left a small fast spot near the left bank. We did see a bald eagle several times through the journey. Can’t wait to do it again.
Eagle on the Shenango River

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Big Bend

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Kayaking the Shenango River

I had the pleasure of Kayaking the Shenango River on Sunday. We began our journey at the Covered Bridge in Transfer, PA  and ended at the bridge in Hamburg. There were a few narrow places due to fallen trees that challenged a first timer, but completely passable from start to finish. I look forward to kayaking from Jamestown to Riverside Park in Greenville, PA

Shenango River Kayak

The Shenango River between the Covered Bridge and Hamburg

Shenango River Kayaking

Kayak the Shenango River


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